Payment methods And Shipping Process

Our Payment & Shipping mechanism is quite simple but very effective in productivity. Detailed explanation of our procedure is quite large, for the sake of ease of read and simplicity, we explain a few main points of our mechanism.

Paypal accepted now 

Payment Mechanism Steps (Within 24 Hours Of Order Placement)

  • Customer adds the desired products in his cart and proceeds to checkout.
  • At checkout he enters his personal details i.e. Names, Addresses, Postal Codes etc. Then he enters his Credit Card details in our SSL activated checkout and places an order.
  • Zampharma receives an order, customer also receives a confirmation slip of the order at his email address entered during checking out.
  • Zampharmaforwards the payment details to its Credit Card processing merchant, which processes the payment and informs the customer, he is also notified of the payment confirmation by the Pills Point support department and his order status then changes from “On Hold” to “Processing”

Shipping Mechanism (Within 48 Hours Of Payment Confirmation)


  • After payment confirmation, the ordered products are collected from our warehouse, they are then packed into discreet box (to avoid damages due to heat or cooling factors).
  • The packed product is moved to our shipping department, which reviews the order and gives a unique tracking code to each order, the order is then shipped at your provided shipping address. Delivery time is 12 working days, customer is supposed to keep calm during this time frame.
  • After shipping customer is again contacted by our support department and they provide him with the full tracking information of his order, customer can now track his product through those details.